Monday, October 19, 2009

Views from the Middle 101

Hey Guys,
Welcome to my blog. This is just an introduction so you have an idea of what this is about and where this is coming from. A little information about me first. I am a freshman in college at the ripe old age of 18. I am a Christian in a somewhat inner battle of denominations. I guess that makes me nondenominational with a leaning toward Baptist.

The purpose of this blog is multifunctional. Simplistically put I am talking from the middle (DUH!). At 18 I am legally an adult but technically a teenager. It is amazing what you see from this point. By this I am mostly refering to the Church and its relation to the world and even the Christians in it.

This blog is in no way a final say or a guarantee but rather a viewpoint from me, an observer. I don't expect you to agree with everything I say. Somedays I may even ask a question or your opinion. This will start off unorganized and rather sporadic just to keep it interesting (and because it reflects me). It will be daily so you can get your read for the day and I will back up serious claims with scriptural references (typically NIV or NCV). I hope you enjoy this blog that will be a different view on Christianity and its relation to society. As a disclaimer, I will note some posts will be sarcastic and borderline satirical in nature, this is not meant to be offensive but rather just to get you thinking.

If at any point you have any suggestions, concerns, or ideas; feel free to let me know at . This will be my account for blog related information and I wil check it fairly regularly. Please get involved and post so I can get your feedback and stand up for what you believe. I would hate to be the only one doing the talking here and would love to see open discussions.


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