Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Best Kept Secret

Today I am listening to my iPod in my truck. As it is randomly shuffling I suddenly have my idea for today's blog. The name of the song is Best Kept Secret and is off Skillet's album Invincible. This is before they went heavy, headbanging rock and when they were more techno. Here is the song and music video.

The first time I heard this was at the Xtreme Conference in Gatlinburg where Skillet played live. When I first heard it I was shocked and disgusted with the song. I thought that they were glorifying the fact that we are not spreading the gospel to people. I simply thought that bragging about Jesus being the best kept secret was silly and exactly opposite of what we should be doing. After the conference I just went back to normal and forgot completely about the song and its lack of appeal toward me.

A few weeks back I was stocking up on my Skillet collection after I purchased their newest album Awake. I found this song, but had a new appreciation for it. Here are the lyrics from the song.

Shrouded in proof, You're the mystery
You're the truth that lives within the world we see
You're the hand that holds destiny
And I can't pretend I don't know
And I can't leave it alone (yeah,yeah)

You're the best kept secret in my generation
The best kept secret of all time
You're the best kept secret in my generation
And I found you out

Your the hope over the centuries
You're the cosmic force that rules the galaxies
You're the evidence that demands our belief
And I can't live for myself
I can't keep this all to myself (yeh, yeah)

I began to realize that they were pointing out a tragic thing. We have Jesus and like to keep him a secret. However, he is so great that we need to let it out. They say "I can't keep this all to myself" and they believe it is too great to be held inside. We need to go out there and show Jesus off to the world. So, unlike I thought, they aren't glorifying it but they are actually trying to fix that.

So the thought this time is to fix this. Let's take Jesus from the best kept secret to the best thing widely known.

God bless,

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