Monday, October 26, 2009

Look Outside the Middle 102

Hey guys,
After week 1, I have learned a lot and decided a somewhat new idea to the format of this blog. I don't want to overwhelm people and try to remain flexible. As always, I am open to input and will be willing to add a 103 when I feel some changes might be needed. So let me know what you think and always feel free to comment and get involved on my blog.

Monday through Thursday - Daily Dose
These are just my common thoughts of what I feel being spoken to about. This will match the themes previously seen in the blogs. They will be more serious and contain the majority of the heavier subjects. This is where I will maintain my thoughts on more of the church today and interpretations and ideas.

Fridays - Fun Fridays
Everyone needs a break from serious. That is what these days are for. Fridays are just meant to be more fun and exciting. A lot more fun and satirically put rather than the seriousness of what most will be. There will still be a truth in there and a good part, just much more lighthearted.

Saturdays - Short Saturdays
Saturday will be more short day. Most likely a short thought followed by a question for you to answer. I am just opening this up as an easy day so if someone only reads on weekdays they can catch up easily. It also lets people that follow to get involved and join in on the blog. I might even open up questions like, "What themes would you like to see covered?"

Sundays - Scriptural Sundays
This will be my soapbox day. This is where I will bring in a scripture verse and explain or emphasize something in it. You can see that with my armor of God post. I am somewhat sad to just succumb to the societal, we need to be church people on Sunday, but I feel it may be the best day.

Out of this my prayer for everyone is to be open. Be open to suggestions and other people's ideas. If you need advice, ask for it. If something you do doesn't work, find out why. So I am open to any suggestions you guys might have.

God bless,

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