Saturday, October 24, 2009

Interactivity Time

Ok, in the spirit of keeping everything from getting to regular and not getting systematic I am trying yet another format. This one depends on your help and I will do this periodically and may even use what you say as an idea for a blog. So I will call this question time to gather your input.

Today's question is simple but still hard. There is no wrong answer but still requires thought. Now that I have built it up, today's question is "What is your favorite bible verse?"

I'd have to say I like alot of verses. However, my favorite is probably 1 John 5:12. It's just a great verse that sums everything up really quick. So what is yours and why?

God bless,


  1. My favorite verse is Matthew 6:33-- But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. God is my strength and refuge and when I feel overloaded with life, this particular verse refreshes me. Mighty is our God!!!

  2. I would give this some time and thought but I just herd the waves were up so im going surfing

  3. Matthew 11:28-30, verses I chose for my Father's funeral as they were appropriate to the situation.

  4. Romans 12:10-11, be devoted to one another, in brotherly love, honour one another above yourselves, never be lacking in zeal but keep your spiritual fevor, serving the Lord.
    i really like the verse cause it really sums up who we're supposed to be as christians
    -Nathan Howell