Friday, October 23, 2009

Power of Prayer

Now, in spirit of flexibility and not sinking into complacency, there is a little different format today. I forgot to mention some days we will mix it up and I may ask for your input and see what you think about something. I may respond to a comment. However, today, I saw a video that I think needs to be watched and viewed as a great thing. Here is the link, take 7 minutes and watch this video.

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Now just a short little commentary. This woman is amazing and is an example to all of us. She was in a dire situaion and turned to God. What happened though, was she had an oppurtunity to minister and pray with this man that was willing to shoot her just moments ago. She says she felt the spirit of God with her. Why did she do it? She wanted to save this man's life. She was worried that this young man was going to throw away his life and cared and loved for him. This is incredible and is truly what the church in America needs to see. She cared and loved for this man that had a gun in her face while its hard for us to pray with our neighbors that we have block parties with and see all the time.

I would also like to just point out that no one came in and that God moved in this place. They were there for 40 minutes with no one coming into the store or the phone ringing. Think about how God moved to bring them in. I think God used her to speak to this young man and now he knows someone cares about him. He also now has found his mom that he tells Angela that he doesn't know where she is. This man's armed robbery helped him to actually see God's love. This lady has truly showed that Christians have not shown enough of their love to people in need.

The other point from this video is that sometimes, even though you seem you are helping, you might be the one getting helped. She says that this moment brought back the religion she had lost and it had touched her. She not only saw God work in this man but God moved in her too. She, in the process of showing God's love, found God's love more. It's incredible how the Lord speaks to us. This video just truly showed and reinforced my inital thought to write about today, and that is that the Lord moves in mysterious ways.

I will end with some of Angela's thoughts. I am going to exerpt a few statements. She says "Maybe the Lord will use him in jail... It's pitiful these young men feel they have nothing... the Christians need to let people know and open their hearts..." So, I pray that you will see this and open your heart and love others how Christ has loved us. Her showing of Christian love has now opened doors to tell so many people and now she is able to go on national television to talk about God's love. I will end the same way Robin ends the interview."We just need to turn to the Lord."

God bless with Christ's love,

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