Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's a Good Thing I Go To Church

Hey guys,
I'll jump right in with a little back story. I was at work and this lady was talking to me. She runs through the dictionary of four letter words and talks awful about somebody. Then she drops the line "It's a good thing I go to church, or else this would be bad." I was slightly appalled at this statement. I then soon realized this would make a great blog topic, even if it is a little shorter than the last few.

Why do we do this? I think it is because we have sunk into a checklist mentality. We sometimes feel that we can just fall into a simple routine of going to church on Sunday and all is good for this week. Some people will even say, "I feel bad, I didn't go to church today." It's really not about being the church person that shows up every Sunday.

Here is where we need to change. Let's focus on how we live our lives. We need to stop focusing on checking off whether we go to church, if we give our tithes, and if we can pray the longer, more elaborate prayer. We need to focus on the love and caring of people out there in the world. So, let us all take our checklist that we are told to live by in our societal church, and crumble it up and throw it in a trash can. Let us join together, Jesus is the way, lets show him in the way we leave. Being saved is not a get out of jail free card to do whatever we want. You should want to live different and be influenced by the Holy Spirit.

So, I pray that throughout your day tomorrow and days beyond that you show Jesus' love. Don't settle for just going to church and then living how you want too the rest of the time. Don't go "Booty, God, Booty" as Jon Acuff puts it in his Stuff Christians Like blog. So, let's stop capping our God time with worldly activities and live how we are supposed too, or at least try.

God bless,

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